A Brief History on Music Genres

Here are examples of metal songs in the history:

  • Iron Maiden

– The Number of the Beast,

– Hallowed Be Thy Name

– The Trooper

– Run to the Hills

– Phantom of the Opera

– Rime of the Ancient Mariner

– Aces High

  • Black Sabbath

–  Children of the Grave

– Symptom of the Universe

– Sabbath, Bloody Sabbath

– Heaven and Hell

– Black Sabbath

– War Pigs

– Paranoid

  • Judas Priest

– Beyond the Realms of Death

– Victim of Change

– Hellion

– Painkiller

– You’ve Got Another Thing Coming

– Breaking the Law

  • Metallica

– Seek and Destroy

– Creeping Death

– Fade to Black

– For Whom the Bell Tolls

Rhythm and Blues – The Popular R&B

R&B covers a wide range of music styles such as disco, rap, rock n roll, funk, soul and many more. R&B can be distinguished with its rhythm repetition, strong beat music and multifaceted instrument blends. This genre is renowned African-American music that began in 1940s. Nowadays, the best bluetooth speakers can play all genres of music with unheard of clarity.

R&B Song Samples

– Mama, He Treats Your Daughter Mean by Ruth Brown

– Shake a Hand by Faye Adams

– One Nation Under a Groove by Parliament Funkadelic

– Knock on Wood by Eddie Floyd

– The Great Pretender by The Platters

– Sixty Minute Man by The Dominoes

– In the Midnight Hour by Wilson Pickett

– Why Do Fools Fall In Love by Frankie Lymon & The Teenagers

– Hound Dog by Big Mama Thornton

– Lawdy Miss Clawdy by Lloyd Prince


The Jazz Genre

The beginnings of jazz can be traced in 17th century when slaves use this as a sort f expressing their desire for freedom. In the 18th century, this musical tradition crossed the lands of America and later became popular as ragtime. Then later in the 20th century, American, African and European music tradition merged to form a new music genre – the jazz.

Jazz is characterized by odd and varying time signatures. It contains a more complex harmony, melody and rhythm. Jazz is a personalized for of music made to recognize audience mood. It is composed of distinctive tone focusing on human emotions. The most popular jazz genres are: New Orleans, Chicago, Bebob and Fusion.

Jazz Music List

– The Creator has a Master Plan by Pharaoh Sanders

– Alone by Bob James

– Dream Weaver by George Duke

– So What by Miles Davis

– My Favorite Things by John Coltrane

– M ore Today Than Yesterday by Charles Earland

In this era jazz music has been widely embraced by diverse culture and different ethnicity. The improvisation element of jazz makes it unique from the rest allowing singers to sing even without the tune. Jazz music is a true expression of human emotions, to mention sufferings and real experiences all mixed into a marvelous hype. It plays a significant role in reducing racial differences. Ironically, jazz began in the black culture yet the white people fell head over heels with this music. Jazz became a part o history entertaining large audiences not only in America but all parts of the world. Today, there are numerous jazz subgenres developed which had potentially gotten the hearts of many. A legacy which has started long back yet inculcated a strong part in the history of music.