The Best Halloween Party

The best part about Halloween, and October in general, is of course awesome Halloween parties. Are you looking to host your own Halloween party this year? If so, make sure you are fully equipped with all of the necessities so that your friends and neighbors will be talking about it for years to come. Obviously, these things will depend on whether you are having a spooky Halloween with a haunted house or a family-friendly party so that the kids can enjoy it, too.

Hot apple cider is a necessity at any Halloween party. I mean, is it even a party without it? It’s probably a good idea to have some spiked cider for the adults to enjoy but keep it out of reach from the kiddos. You can buy this from the grocery store throughout the fall season or there are many recipes floating around Google-town if you prefer to make your own. To spike it, add some cinnamon schnapps and dark rum and your guests will be pleased.

bat-round-table-topper-210x300Decorations are a must if you want it to truly be a Halloween party. Spooky props are recommended. This could be Dracula popping out of a coffin at your guests or one of those witches that come flying across the room on a broom with that creepy witch cackle. Jack-o-lanterns are a must and the more, the better. Have them lit up on your front porch to greet your guests when they arrive. Have plenty of seasonal fall candles filling the air with pumpkin spice, cinnamon and nutmeg. Plus, if you have plenty of candles burning, you can dim the lights in the house to really set the mood. One thing you can never have enough of is plenty of Halloween candy up for grabs. Preferably the good stuff. While some of us still appreciate a pack of smarties, kids these days are much more thrilled with a king size Kit Kat or a pack of skittles. Having a variety is smart – some chocolate options and other non-chocolate options.

Most Halloween parties don’t include a sit-down dinner; however, that is always an option. Some more popular choices might be to do finger foods along with a pot of chili or crock pot barbeque for sandwiches. These are simple foods to serve, they go a long way in terms of quantity and guests will appreciate the meal. As far as finger foods go, chips and dips and fruit platters are easy to throw together. Additionally, there are many Halloween-themed food ideas on Pinterest if you are really all about your Halloween theme. And while you may think the candy will cure everyone’s sweet tooth, have some cookies or brownies available for dessert. Brownies with a little bit of orange frosting will add just the touch you need to your food table.

Pin the tail on the donkey, anyone? Nope, not at this party. Try pinning the nose on the jack-o-lantern, or pinning the tail on the cat. No party is ever complete without bobbing for apples and this is not just a game the kids love. You’d be surprised how fun this actually is for an adult. Having a costume contest is always a good way to get everyone to dress for the occasion. You can even have different categories – “most creative” or “funniest costume”. If it’s just the girls or even the kids, consider a pumpkin carving (or drawing) contest. That will keep everyone entertained for a while. A great game to keep the kids entertained is the famous Halloween scavenger hunt game. Whether your list includes items around your house, or throughout the neighborhood, this will keep them active, entertained and out of your hair. Try it. You won’t regret it.


The last thing you need to take care of to prepare for your first Halloween party is to find the ultimate Halloween costume. Whether you are in a beautiful peacock costume or a seductive, Poison Ivy costume you want to stand out from your guests. You are the host after all and need to set an example. So go all out and come up with a creative Halloween costume for the occasion.